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Jetbest Ink Review

Skip from Mesa, AZ
Jetbest Ink is okay. no problems.
Chris from Teaneck, NJ
Your ink is great. There is no difference than OEM

Power the machine off, hold + – and right buttons down and power up holding until the initialize screen displays then it will read Check 1: Adj. Platen. You can then let up on the buttons and scroll > to Check 8: Parameter, ENTER, should read Param1: Initialize, ENTER, > to Init. 8: Pump, ENTER, Initialize ok?, ENTER. Cancel out and power off then on.

Source: https://signs101.com/threads/mutoh-pump-life-times.81173/



March 8-10 – Arlington, TX

April 13-14 – Sacramento, CA

May 11-12 – Portland, OR

June 15-16 – Cleveland, OH

August 2-4 – Long Beach, CA (WRAPSCON)

August 24-25 – Secaucus, NJ

September 13-15 – Indianapolis, IN

November 2-3 – Charlotte, NC


SGIA 2018

Oct 10-20 – Las Vegas, NV

ISA 2018

Mar 22-24 – Orlando, FL

Customer was buying Bordeaux liter bottle ink to pour into the third party bulk ink system. Every once a while missing nozzles. Ink company says it is not their ink problem. Bulk ink cartridge company says it is not their system problem.

Jetbest Inc from Taiwan has been producing eco solvent ink for the past 13 years and currently exporting to over 80 countries in the world. Absolutely by far the closest in performance compare to Roland eco sol max ink. Jetbest came up with their own 500ml ink bottle with matching bulk ink system. We convert a customer who was using Bordeaux ink. #jetbestinks

  1. Remove bulk ink cartridge
  2. Install chips onto the Jetbest refillable cartridges
  3. Insert Jetbest vertical refillable cartridges to the printer
  4. Insert the Jetbest 500ml bulk ink bottle and the bottle stays on top. It would flow fluidly as needed
  5. Perform three strong cleans
  6. Ready to print

The change over was easy to make. Customer is very happy with the simple design of bulk ink system. No more tracing air leak lines or ink leaks through the lines. Customer was paying $84 per liter now $35 per 500ml bottle. The ink stays fresh until the next open. Save another 17%.

Pros: Identical colors and performance. Save over 70% ink cost over OEM.

Cons: Versawork might say ink near end. Just press to bypass. You would know the printer is almost out of ink by telling the transparency of the ink bottle.

Questions: 714-668-9200

Jetbest Ink Kit for Roland VS640





Jetbest eco solvent ink is now available through jetbestamerica.com and Jetbest Amazon store.


54″x150′ for $135 + $24 flat shipping charge via Fedex Ground.


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